it is still a mystery how the first life a protoplasm formed in the ocean water;   the word protoplasm comes from greek prōtos ‘first’ and plasma ‘shape’;   the protoplasm is considered the building block of all life containing the nucleus and various organelles floating in water;   a cell's cytoplasm meaning all of its components except the nucleus is 80% water;   all life that exists or has ever existed can trace its origins to this first shape which emerged 3.5 billion years ago from today;   the blood of all living beings since from fish to reptiles to humans has largely the exact same mineral composition as sea water;   in a mother’s womb the amniotic fluid which nourishes life to being is 98% water;   when a child is born they are 75% water;   each living cell is 75-80% water;   the earth’s surface is 71% water;   99% percent of all the molecules in a human body are water molecules;   we are all quite literally mostly water;   a universal and undeniable connection;   the root of ocean is ōkeanos in greek a great stream encircling the earth’s disk;   feel the w a t e r on your lips and sip;