the saddest thing is that i have had to use words. - madeline gins

i am a word/artist.


dear friend books / wise women fish here / featured in the new york times, new york magazine, vogue etc


master of library & information science / graduated with distinction / pratt institute

an interview with Olena Rybka for Guernica / publishing books in a time of war and working to preserve the Ukrainian language


love @ first line / a site-specific public artwork (in conversation)

accessibility in galleries, libraries, archives, and museums / a collaborative libguide

poetry_chef / a machine learning poetic experiment


digital projects fellow (-2021) / anthropology section, new york academy of sciences

you matter / a commission for art+action in support of the 2020 census / in partnership with sfpl

marlon / a typeface inspired by the artwork of marlon mullen, a non-verbal painter of words


poet-in-residence / paradise, california / in memorium of the 86 lives lost

artist-in-residence / lavamaex

ybca 100 honoree


you are loved / an intervention in partnership with lavamaex

if i were the president / 120 youth across america say what they would change as president

participant / the mountain school of arts


the compliment project / a response to the 2016 election that struck a chord, covered by the new york times & re-imagined for chronicle books


continue the thread / mailed handwritten quotes to a thousand strangers who shared their stories with me

product manager / instructables

trustee scholar / university of southern california

contact me.

a polaroid of yellow flowers sprouting from the burnt earth of paradise, spring 2019